Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 2015

So it's November of 2015... We've taken some time away from the blog but recently i also realized how much I enjoyed capturing photos of the girls and posting them.  I love freezing time to watch them smile.  In this post you'll see some recent pics of the past months.  Here are some quick updates, on where the girls are.
1. Sophia is in 2nd grade and is 8 years old!  She is really growing and becoming a wonderful young lady. She had a great year in swimming this last summer and passed the swim test to allow her to swim in the deep end.  She is still continuing her gymnastics and loves it more than ever and lastly she started to play softball this year and was selected to play in the Allstar game!
2. Nora Jane is in 3K preschool and she is 3 years old!  She has quite the personality and where's her emotion on her sleeve.  You know exactly what's going on with her and what she's feeling.
3. We have become a minivan family we got a minivan about 45 days ago.
We are the brand new owners of a Honda Odyssey...Welcome to our life!!
4. Kristen is Kristen, and what a woman she is!  Definitely the glue that holds the family together.  She has done so much with our house (inside and outside).  She is doing a great job with nurturing our girls and trying to keep an open dialogue with them about their days and what is going on at school.
5. I ran 2 half marathons this year.  This year will be a record mileage running year for me!!  Between April and October I averaged a little over 100 miles a month.  One of my half marathons this year I was lucky enough that Nora joined while I ran with the stroller.
6.  Lulu our dog is around 11 years old.  She is moving very slow but still gives the squirrels and rabbits a fit that are in our yard.  She's doing great for a senior citizen!

I think that is enough for right now... if i think of anything more you'll see it in the next update.  Here are some random pics.  I'll try to get some pics of some of the things i've mentioned above

This was at 6 flags in the end of summer.  Actually the first face painting for both of them!

                                                       Pumpkin Patch fun

Gymnastics time for Nora Jane!

More pumpkin Patch Pics

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