Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving and Random Pics

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Kristen's Mom Nita and Kristen's niece Whitney and her 2 children came up to visit.  So yes you're doing the math correctly and we had 4 children running around here, or rolling around here... Nora is rolling with the best of them!  She is rolling from her front to her back and then again from her back to her front! She is literally all over the place!  It's really fun to see her navigate all over the house or whatever room she is in as she continues to explore the Stewart house!  In this posting you will  see a number of pics from all of the above.  The weather was great for Thanksgiving!! We had a high of 60 degrees!!  Which meant I was able to get the Christmas lights up this long weekend.  So they are about 95% done.  Once i get a wreath or 2 and get them put up, i will post pics of how the house looks decorated.  Until then you will have the pics of all of us!!  Thanks for stopping in, and we look forward to seeing you again!
Due, to technical difficulties  i was unable to load new pics.  I will have updated pictures on the website by this weekend.  Thanks,

OK, I think i got it figured out!

So more pics are of course to come.  Since i haven't been able to upload the pics i have a surplus, so as i get time i will continue to up date the pics!

Thanks again for stopping by and see you again soon hopefully!

As a teaser of what's to come... 
1. Soph has yet another photo shoot
2. Our trip to get our Christmas Tree
3. Pics of the House Decorated

Till Next Time!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gymnastics Class

Sophia is in Gymnastics class and she is loving it!!  She has been taking Gymnastics for the last 2.5 years.  This year she has really started coming into her own though!  Her classes are with bigger girls and the activities they are doing doing are more advanced.  She is no longer with just the 4-5 year olds.  Her classes are based on skill level.  She has already tested out of level 1 and she is in the next level.  Here are some pictures of her, we are learning how to take better pictures inside the building with dimmed gym lighting.  I preface that because the pictures aren't the best... So please bear with us and keep coming back to see more of us.  I also have some pictures of Nora and Soph together as well.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Stewarts!!  We had a wonderful upbeat Halloween!!  We probably handed out about 200 pieces of candy in our neighborhood.  It was a great time as you can imagine!!  This was Nora's first Halloween, and you would have thought she was a veteran at trick or treating!!  She was not scared to reach in and get an arm full of Candy!! Maybe that was her Dad doing all the reaching in, but I could tell she wanted me to grab that much candy!  Soph was in rare form!!  She was very vocal with her "Trick or Treat" as well as her "Thank you".  After each house she asked me the infamous question... "How much do you think this weighs now?" and "Is this the most you've ever seen?"  I could tell she was in her "Zone", as between houses she was jogging to the next one.  I couldn't tell if the jogging was because of the slightly cold weather, or if it was because she had business to conduct!!  Either way it was a good time!  Please enjoy these pics of Halloween and some other add ins!  Thanks again for stopping by and see you next time!

Cute Pics of one of our little Pumpkins!