Monday, June 25, 2012

Swimming with Friends

This past Sunday Sophia asked if she could bring a friend to the swimming pool... Although very nervous about bringing another 4 year old to a pool and having to keep our eyes on 2 different people at once, we allowed her to bring her friend Matilda.  As you can see in the pictures they had a great time.  Soph is becoming quite the fish!!  She is starting to dive underwater to get her dive sticks.  She seems to love that!!  Also she is going deeper when she is going under to get them, so she is holding her breath longer to go down to look for the sticks.  She is LOVING the pool this summer!!  Take a look at these pictures and check out the pure excitement in her face!!  Watch out Michael Phelps!!  Here comes Sophia Stewart!

Friday, June 22, 2012


So as of today (Friday June 22), Nora Jane is 4 weeks old.  She will be one month on the 25th.  She is doing wonderful.  I think we are getting closer to figuring out her sleep schedule. She is having a lot less every 2 hour feedings at night and more 3-4 hour breaks between feedings.  So that keeps Mommy happy!!  Most of my family is here right now.  They have really loved getting to know Nora Jane and catching up on old times with Sophia.  In this latest post we took a trip to the Ft.Wayne Zoo.  We had a great time at the Zoo.  It was perfect weather!!  Mid 80's with a nice breeze.  We loved it!  Please enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by! We look forward to you coming back!