Monday, June 18, 2012

Loving the Fam!

It has been nice to have family here, to help with the transition to 2 beautiful little girls!! Here are some pics of our amazing family!  We had a wonderful Fathers day while the fam was up here.  Also I'd like to inform you that Sopia has graduated from level 2 in swimming and she is on to level 3!!!  Level 3 starts the first weeks in July!!  So I'm sure you are asking what does this signify??  Great question.... This means for her to graduate from level 2 she had to show competence in swimming on her back by her self, and treading water by herself!!  As you will see in the pictures her confidence is rapidly growing.  She has started jumping from the diving boards and she is staring to "try" to dive in from the sides of the pools.  She is having the time of her life out here!!

Nora Jane is doing wonderful as well, she is quickly gaining weight!  Her sleep schedule is getting closer to the 4 hour mark at night, and actually sometimes exceeds 4 hours.  She is fitting in perfectly with all of us!
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Look at the cute smile!

The Proud Granny and the TOP swimmer!

Yes, these are my goggles...

CANNON BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Soph's first attempt at diving...

The Proud YiaYia 

Nora Jane's first Pancake 


 Happy Fathers Day!!!

My Brother and his Daughter...

 Kissy, Kissy!!!

 You may not realize it but Soph loves to make faces... Just keep watching!

 Watching TV

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