Sunday, February 24, 2013

Staying Busy and Staying Warm!

The family is doing wonderful.  We are trying to stay healthy with all the bugs going around, and trying to stay warm.  As you have seen in some of the pictures we have had some snow but not a ton.  We are certainly OK with that!  Although Soph would like to see more snow.  So we have been bunkered inside and I think we have a couple more weeks of this.  So until then we are staying busy with inside projects and trying not to know the walls down.  Here's a run down of what's going on with the girls.  Kristen first and for most is doing wonderful as usual.  She is managing the girls and I like a Pro!  The way she pays attention to both girls and makes sure they are enjoying themselves but still learning is truly amazing!  She makes me proud to see her when she interacts with them.  Sophia is next, she is also doing wonderful!  she is still in school and she is also taking gymnastics again.  She is making major strides in Gymnastics!!  She has the heart of a competitor and it makes me proud!  She likes to compete and tries very hard at all that she does.  While Kristen and I both know and remind her that winning is not everything, it's very fun to see her throwing herself into gymnastics.  She is still being the perfect big sister to her little sister Nora.  More importantly, Sophia is also still performing extremely well in school.  Each time her preschool teacher sends home a report or any comments, it's all very good news for us to read about Soph.  We of course are very proud of her as well.  Lastly there's Nora... She is doing amazingly well!!  You will see some updated pics of her shortly.  But in short, she is growing and developing like a top performing Mutual Fund.  Everyday she is learning something else and doing something different.  We started teaching her baby sign language when she was 6 months old and now at 9 months old she is starting to respond with signs when she is wanting some things.  Namely, the "more" sign when she is eating food.  She has picked that up very well.  She still has not picked up the "water" sign but we anticipate it will come soon along with a couple others.  She is also crawling all over the place. She's been super active all with in the past 2-3 weeks.  It started off with the Army crawl and within a week it turned into full sprint crawling!  She is such a fun baby as well!  Very easy to attend to and like all Stewarts... She likes to eat! She is eating all kinds of fruit and Veggie's as well as Puffs, Chicken and anything else Kristen can make.  As you will see she it looking more and more like Soph, but still manages to keep her own look as well.  We hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for staying tuned and continually dropping in.  See you next time!

Guess who lost a tooth?  

So in this last picture you see the girls cleaning.  Soph is helping as she always is.  Nora is usually helping as well, but i think she may have been napping when i took this picture.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Stewart's Snow Ice Cream

So we are letting you all in on a family secret.  This is what we call Snow Ice Cream.  We have this every winter, and it is a Fan Favorite!!  As you can see in this post, the degree of difficulty is rather low.  Alright you talked me into telling you... But here are the ingredients...
1. 13-17 Cups of snow (Make sure it's white snow)
2. 1 Can of Sweet & Condensed Milk
3. 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla
4. 1 5 Year old girl to mix it all together

So as you follow along with the pictures you will get the just of it.  The snow comes first, then the Sweet and Condensed Milk.  After that you will add the Vanilla, and lastly have the 5 year old mix it all together.

This recipe taste great!!  It kind of taste like home maid ice cream.  (Quick disclosure)I've never had home aid ice cream, but it taste everything like I've heard home aid ice cream to taste like)
We think you will love it, you can make it as sweet 13 cups of snow or not so sweet 17-18 cups of snow as your taste buds prefer.
We hope you enjoy this and we will look forward to you dropping in again!!

Growing and Growing!!

Hello to everyone!!  Sorry for the delay in post's but it's been a pretty busy past 3 weeks!  The girls have been busy with Swimming, Gymnastics and School.  As i'm sure you are aware now, both girls are doing swimming this session, and Soph is also doing gymnastics along with school.  She is loving her activities right now!  We can say the same for Nora!!  In a matter of 2.5 weeks she has gone from army crawl to sprint crawling on all 4's.  She's all over the place now!!  It's really fun to see how much she is developing and moving around.  Nora has 2 teeth now, and Sophia is loosing one of hers.  In one of these pictures in here you should be able to see Nora's 2 new teeth.