Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Stewart's Snow Ice Cream

So we are letting you all in on a family secret.  This is what we call Snow Ice Cream.  We have this every winter, and it is a Fan Favorite!!  As you can see in this post, the degree of difficulty is rather low.  Alright you talked me into telling you... But here are the ingredients...
1. 13-17 Cups of snow (Make sure it's white snow)
2. 1 Can of Sweet & Condensed Milk
3. 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla
4. 1 5 Year old girl to mix it all together

So as you follow along with the pictures you will get the just of it.  The snow comes first, then the Sweet and Condensed Milk.  After that you will add the Vanilla, and lastly have the 5 year old mix it all together.

This recipe taste great!!  It kind of taste like home maid ice cream.  (Quick disclosure)I've never had home aid ice cream, but it taste everything like I've heard home aid ice cream to taste like)
We think you will love it, you can make it as sweet 13 cups of snow or not so sweet 17-18 cups of snow as your taste buds prefer.
We hope you enjoy this and we will look forward to you dropping in again!!

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