Thursday, February 14, 2013

Growing and Growing!!

Hello to everyone!!  Sorry for the delay in post's but it's been a pretty busy past 3 weeks!  The girls have been busy with Swimming, Gymnastics and School.  As i'm sure you are aware now, both girls are doing swimming this session, and Soph is also doing gymnastics along with school.  She is loving her activities right now!  We can say the same for Nora!!  In a matter of 2.5 weeks she has gone from army crawl to sprint crawling on all 4's.  She's all over the place now!!  It's really fun to see how much she is developing and moving around.  Nora has 2 teeth now, and Sophia is loosing one of hers.  In one of these pictures in here you should be able to see Nora's 2 new teeth.

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