Wednesday, October 30, 2013

September and October Randoms...

So we are we definitely in the fall season!  The average temperature is about 49 degrees (but its a dry 49 degrees) so in these parts that means that sometimes it feels like 48 and sometimes it feels like 50... It's the end of October and we have gone through 2 birthdays this month...Sophia turning 6 and Kristen turning 26 at least that's how old Kristen looks.  We have had a fun month though as you will see in the pictures.  Not a lot of themed pictures here just a lot of us being us and enjoying each other.

So i noticed a critter in my backyard.  There is a hole behind him.... You'll notice that he sees me snapping a pic of him.  He soon after that escaped back in the hole...
He struck First Blood...

Jack Bauer who? I tell ya.... I get no respect!
This picture is foggy because the Chinese Consulate took it from a satellite.

A couple of pics from the Beach!

So i may have neglected to mention that Soph got her first American Girl Doll for her Birthday.  Saige was super excited to come to Milwaukee.  You'll also notice a trip to Chicago where Saige gets a lot of new clothes and she also gets her hair done.  We were even lucky enough to have her join us for lunch.  
The excitement never stops!

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