Saturday, February 6, 2016

Starting the New Year!

What a fun year 2015 was and the winter has been rather mild to say the least!  Here is some updates on what we've been up to.
In 2015 we had out house painted on the outside which made a HUGE difference on the look.  It looks beautiful!! Kristen is busy with redoing the interior of the house as we speak.  We will post some pics as we get to finishing them.  Sophe is doing Gymnastics and Ballet currently.  Nora is doing Gymnastics and Ballet also.  Lastly, regarding an update, we finally became a minivan family.  We got a Honda Odyssey for all the taxi-ing around that we do with the kids and that Kristen does with other Mom's and Kids.
January was a rough month for us as we got hit with the sick bug.  I feel like the entire month of January one of us was sick.  February is just starting off great though so no sickness here.  I have slowed my running down over the winter months.  I plan to start picking it up in February again so i can be in mid-season form by end of March or beginning of April.  I havent picked any races to enter into yet but we will figure that out soon enough. Last year i ran in 2 half marathons and Nora rode in the jogging stroller during of the the halfs.  Kristen finished a full cycle of T25 (2.5-3 months at least 5 times a week) with some of her girlfriends.  They inspired me and a buddy to start T25 as well.  I think that is all for updates for now... Here are some pics of the girls from the winter.  Thanks for stopping by and dont be a stranger!

Which one of you Judges gave me a 9... That was a perfect 10 performance!!

Best Buds!!
This is a recipe that i think you will LOVE!!  They are called "Energy Bites"  Kristen makes them and the girls love them. Click on the link to get the recipe!  
Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!

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