Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Time 2012

Thank you all for staying tuned!!  In this post you will see a collection of Christmas pictures!  We had a wonderful Christmas break.  We got a chance to see a lot of family and also a lot of friends.  We even got a  play in the snow.  This was of course Nora's first Christmas and at 7 months old it was about the perfect age!  She was old enough she was able to sit up and actually play with some of the toys.  Sophia was of course the "Seasoned Veteran" with all the presents!!  She was able to open all her presents but she also helped Nora open her presents as well.

Cookies for Santa and we were informed from Sophia that Reindeer liked to eat Carrots!!

Sophia's and Nora's Cousin Jada

Look at this Beautiful Snow!! 

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