Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun Activities to Kick off the year!!

So the 2013 has kicked off with a bang, and the temperature here in Northern Indiana is averaging in the high teens!! Today was may have hit the 20's, but I guess that's what we signed up for when we moved up north.  Speaking of signing up for things The girls have signed up for their first swimming class.  This past Saturday the 12th was the first class for both of them.  We will apologize up front but we left the camera home in the midst of grabbing all the other swimming equipment.  You can imagine that I was crushed, but we will be sure to grab it next week.  Also Sophia has signed up for another class in gymnastics.  In this post you will see some pics of her in her new session and you will see how well she is progressing.  Today the 14th, Sophia did her first "roll over", (For you Non-Gymnastics fans this is when someone grabs the bars and swings their legs over the bar and then pulls them back down on the other side.  You will see pictures on here of her after she's pulled herself up and she is holding up herself with just her hands. I was educated on this by the ladies, so it's understandable if you don't understand the Lingo! Lastly in this post you will see pics of our trip to the local Science Center that Sophia loves to go to.  We hope you enjoy hanging with us and thanks again for visiting!

My First Tooth!!

 Getting my stretch on!

When can I go? Put me in Coach!

Still Waiting...

What Handstands? I got em all day!

 Please take notes as this is almost text book!  Almost!!

Not that I'm comparing, because I've not supposed to do that, but this is extremely hard to do!! Less than 20% of her class can do this without any help! This takes a ton of strength in the abs dept and also the back and arms.  We were all so happy she was able to do it!  

 The High Five from the teacher for doing her "Roll Over" for the first time!!

Her head grows with every compliment you give her!

She volunteered to be part of the science experiment!!

Does static electricity move from one person to the other

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