Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our First Annual Trip to Chicago

In this post you will see some pictures of our trip to Chicago.  We had a wonderful time.  We went to to the Museum of Science and Industry and we also went to Macy's as well.  While we were at Macy's we ate at a place called the Walnut Room with a 3 story Christmas Tree and they had a Real Fairy that went from table to table casting sweet spells on us all.  While at the Museum they had a Special Charlie Brown Exhibit, so you will see some pictures of Charlie Brown and his crew.  We also got to see Santa in Chicago.  While at Macy's we got a chance to speak with him.  Soph and Nora both enjoyed it tremendously!
Thanks again for stopping in and we look forward to you coming back!!
The next post will be pics of some of the family we saw in Chicago.

The Infamous Double Helix!!

Here is where we got to see Santa at Macy's.  They had quite the display.  Take a look at all the things they had set up!!  Santa was pretty Legit as well! All of us had a fun time!

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