Sunday, January 1, 2017

Who Got Framed....

So as you can see from the last post the foundation was poured.  In today's update you'll see how the framing starts to take shape.  We've been really pleased and blessed with the amount of great weather we've had.  It's really allowing the builders to continue to build in comfortable weather.  At this time with what your seeing here it is around Nov 12th.  As you can see we still had a lot of leaves on the trees and no hint of winter yet, although the leaves were just starting to fall.  I think this was the first weekend we did a leaf clean up.  You'll also notice some beautiful colors out here. The leaves have been so amazing to see the beauty that exists.  We've also started to see more deer moving as well.  Hunting season is right around the corner so it should be interesting to see what we observe out here.
The girls have really enjoyed running around and seeing the house go up.  Just about every day the girls are out and about and checking out the progress the guys are making.

 Framing of the Garage

 Looking at it from the back
 Basement Views

  Basement Windows

  The Main level is starting to take shape

 Enjoying the Sunset and striking a pose

Looking at it from the back of the house again 

 The sun just dropped down in the middle out there...  So gorgeous!

The second level is coming together

 More poses!

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