Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sophia the First

I'm sure you know that i like photography and any time I get a chance to snap some pictures of my beautiful (3) girls I cease the opportunity.  In this update you'll see Sophie and I taking a walk and taking in the beautiful sites on our land.  Sophia is my one daughter that is up for going outside and walking around almost any time.  She absolutely loves to be outside!!  So anytime I need to get outside, and get some air I always know that she will be my up for it as well.  This was a combination of a nature walk and a possible Christmas card walk.  Regardless we had a great time walking and exploring.  Sophie is such a cute, beautiful and smart girl, she reminds me of Kristen in so many ways.

 The above is one of my favorite pics of Soph.  Look at that great smile!  She is such a joy to be around!  Such a happy girl!

 Look at that mushroom!

 Loving this girl so much!

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