Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Fever

Today March 25th is Nora's 10 month birthday.  She is growing so big and doing so well.  She is trying to stand and walk.  At this point that only equates to fast crawling and pulling herself up.  She stands up as much as possible and takes little steps to keep her balance.  She has Kristen's facial expressions, so that means she is very colorful and demonstrative.  I love that about both of them!!  Soph is as amazing as ever.  She is busy with school and gymnastics, and she over performing with both of them.  It's great to see how much she is learning in school and how she is constantly learning.  The questions she asks are so amazing and she is thinking so much.  It's so fun to see how much she has grown.  She is excelling in gymnastics as well.  She is very competitive like me and she loves to compete!  Here are some pics, to catch you up on the girls. Also we went to the Botanical Conservatory this weekend in Fort Wayne and i have some pics of that as well.  Enjoy!

 Thanks for visiting and we look forward to you dropping in again!

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