Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moving right along

I hope all is well with you all. We are doing great. We are managing through the winter time.  It actually hasn't been too bad. This winter has been pretty tame. I know that's a dangerous thing to say in March but with the end of March right around the corner... Next week... I feel pretty confident I won't have to eat my words. The girls are doing great! Nora will be 10 months old on the 25th and she is standing and crawling all over the place. (When I say standing, I mean standing up and holding on to something with one hand). She is doing baby sign language with us while eating, so it is pretty neat seeing her trying to truly communicate with us.  She is a very easy baby... The only time she cries is when she's hungry, tired or she needs to be changed. Kristen has done an amazing job with keeping her on a schedule, so that helps keep the crying to a minimum.  I will have some pics in this post so you can see how big she is getting. She is learning quite a bit from her big sister.  Sophia is still being a model citizen for her sister. She does such a good job helping Kristen in just about everything.  Soph loves being a big sister.  She is also still enjoying Pre-K as well.  She is doing a wonderful job per her teachers.  Definitely one of the top in the class. I don't know for certain if Pre K has Validictorians or not... But if they did she would certainly be in the running. Regardless of that, she is graduating with honors come the end of May. Not only that, but she is also doing well with Gymnastics as well. This week was moved up to level 2 here at the local YMCA.  In addition to that, she was asked to try out for the Select Gymnastics Team. She would be one of the girls to represent the entire county that we live in. She was VERY excited to have been asked to join this team.  It's definitely playing in the major leagues though... The practices start in the next week or so and they are 2 hour sessions twice a week... So yes, 4 hours a week for a 5 year old.  So we are leaving the decision up to her, at least 45% of the decision. The rest we will weigh in on.  As we look at our schedules and what's going on in our life, that will play a major part of it as well.
By the way speaking of what's going on in our life, if you haven't heard... we are moving.  I accepted a new role with Zimmer that will have us moving to the Wisconsin, Nothern Illinois area.  We have our sights set on moving to 1 of 3 areas...
1. Chicago,Il. 2. Madison, Wi. 3. Milwaukee, Wi.
I listed those in alphabetical order.  So please don't read anything into the order listed.  We look to be making this transition in the beginning of June or the end of May.  We are very excited about this opportunity.  As always we will continue to keep this site going, so our friends and family can see us growing right along.  Thanks again for stopping in and we look forward to you coming back!

PS. Sorry for waiting so long between posts but due to the busyness of the schedule and the hibernation of winter time, we haven't had a lot of pics.  With the warmer weather in the mail, I think the pics will be overflowing again within the next few weeks.


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