Friday, September 28, 2012

Friends from the "Lou"

So yes, it's been a long time.  We have had a lot going on, so i apologize for not updating the website.  We have been doing wonderful!!  Nora is now 17 weeks old as of today 9/28.  She is sleeping thru the night!!!  WOOHOOO, Sleeping thru the night!! We probably put her down around 7:30-8pm and she sleeps till
7-7:30am.  Not bad at all!!  She is also getting cuter and cuter every day.  We practice almost daily with her in the Bumbo seat and she has been working on her abs since 3 months old.  So I anticipate her nickname like her Mom's will be "6 Pack".  She is holding her head up great and she is sitting up very well also.  This week on Wednesday 9/26 we had an appt with her Pediatrician.  Nora Jane weighed in at 13 lb's and 14oz's, and she was 25 inches long.  Sophia also had an appt on the same day and she 44lb's and she was 45inches tall.  He predicted Soph's height to be 5'7 or 5'8, when she is done growing.  That should update you on the growth for the 2 of them.  Sophia is going to school 4 half days Monday thru Thursday.  Sophia is loving getting to know her new friends and seeing old friends during recess.  She absolutely loves school.  Our first Parent Teacher conference is coming up for this year.  We are excited to hear how she is doing in class, and getting to speak with the teacher.  We will update you after the meeting.  Last year she had glowing remarks the entire year!! I have just added pictures of our recent month..
Over the labor day weekend we had some friends come up.  Doug, Jill, Claire and Tanner Olroyd came up to spend the labor day weekend with us.  We had a great time as you will see in the pictures.  A little bit of history, but Doug and Jill are the reason that Kristen and I are together.  They kind of set us up together and it was at their house that we first really got to sit down and get to know each other.  That was in 2000... WOW!!  12 years later and look at us now.  Please enjoy the pictures and i think you will see how much fun we had!!

Those don't look like fake smiles at all... REALLY?

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