Friday, September 28, 2012

First Mud Race

So about 2 weeks ago i ran in my first Mudd Race!  It was pretty fun!  It was called the "Warrior Dash"  it was essentially a 3.5 mile obstacle course.  Here is the website. I will probably do another one at some point.  We did get pretty muddy, but it was really fun!  Only down side is I took my Iphone and I double bagged it in a Ziplock baggie. (I did buy name brand for this), but somehow both baggie's got wet and my iphone was the only casualty of the day... I will post the last pictures that i took with it... It was a dark day... I had to drive 3 hours back without any phone coverage or service... That hurt!!

This was the last picture on my Iphone... Not sure why...

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