Friday, August 17, 2012

Friends From Way Back!!

Well we are having a great summer!!  We have been outside as much as possible.  Sophie has absolutely had a blast this summer.  While Nora Jane has really grown a lot this summer.  She is 11 weeks old this Friday the 17th of August. Her weight is awesome, and her height is above average.  She is really starting to get stronger in all aspects.  We have recently had some friends come and stay with us.  This is probably Sophie's longest standing BFF.  They became close in St.Louis and picked up right where they left off when they arrived.  You will see some fun pictures here, but please know that how ever much fun they appear to be having... probably multiply that by 10 and that will be the actual value!!
Thanks for stopping in to see the pics, and please stop by again.

This is Sophia's friend Ruby!! 

BFF's Forever!!!

Soph is doing Elizabeth's hair one morning...

The Introduction!!

Look at the smile!

Time to get the food going!! 

Wow!  An Apron? Now that's what I'm talking about!!

Ruby, Sophia, and Elizabeth


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