Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Day of School!!! As well as Gymnastics

Sophia had her first day of school this week.  It was this past Tuesday the 21st of August.  She was very excited about it!!  We went to an orientation the night before to see her class room and to meet some of her other classmates.  Since this is her 2nd year of Pre-K she has about 40% of the same students from last year... The other 60% are in one of the other Pre-K classes.  She does however get to see all her old classmates during recess, as all of the Pre-K's have recess at the same time.  It has really been interesting to hear her talk about old friends.  She is even getting excited to see some of them during recess.  She is growing up so fast!!  In this post you will see pictures of her first day of school as well as pictures of her in Gymnastics class (which she loves by the way!!)  We just signed her up for a tumbling class, so that means with in a short time she will be doing front hand springs and back hand springs and any other kind of springs you can imagine!!  It almost looks for certain that we have a little cheerleader in the making!!  Kristen and I are so excited!!  Thanks for stopping by and please come back to see what we are up to!
In addition,
Nora turned 3 months old today the 25th!!  She has almost doubled her weight in 3 months... she is really close to being 12 pounds, if she isn't already!!  As you look at the pictures in this post and reference back to other posts, you will see how much she has filled out!  Also her muscle control is really developing as well.  Every day the 2 of them make us laugh and we stare in awe... We are truly blessed!
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Here is the PreGame meal!

These are Pancake Sausage Bites!!  They taste a little like McGriddles!!  They were awesome!

This is the morning of... Nora wanted to wake up her Sister

What a moment we captured!!

Gymnastics Class

Splits... Yeah, that's how i roll!!

Oh No She Didn't!!!!

OK, Bring it home for the USA!!! 

I"m next and I GOT THIS!!

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