Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tracking perfectly

So we have had Nora Jane's 5 day check up with her regular pediatrician.  To start this off I will give this disclaimer... I am trying to keep this as non biased as possible.  As my wife has told me numerous times before, "You don't have an emotional bone in your body!!"  So this is Just the facts folks.. The confirmed our thoughts though,  our thoughts were that she looked great!! He and his office were amazed with her weight gain.  As I mentioned last time, at birth she was 6.2 lb's.  Her weight dropped to 5.12 while in the hospital. (All the experts suggest that's completely normal as they are breathing on their own and using more energy.) They typically like to see the baby back at birth weight by 2 weeks.  On Wednesday she weighed in at 6.10 lb's 5 days after being born!!  That's astonishing!!  That more than a half pound over where she started from.  When you look at total weight gain, that's almost a pound of total weight gain in a matter of days!!  That's unprecedented!! Needless to say she is doing wonderful and eating wonderfully!!  Mama is doing well also! Kristen is up and about moving all around.  Her weight loss is equally as impressive as Nora's weight gain.  So all in all we are all good here.  Sophia is also doing great!!  She is a magnificent older sister.  We've really seen her grow in the past 6 days and we're more proud of her than ever! Please enjoy the pics and keep checking in on us!!  Thanks!!

I had to put some pics of Soph in Gymnastics...

Look at that little smile!

I don't think that's a hat... 
and it's not exactly a Dunkin Donut but maybe a ...


Wow!! Last night got kind of crazy didn't it?? 

Going home day!!

Just cool pics of our feet...

Swim time!  Summer time equals Swim time! Here you will see some pics of the fun we had in the pool!

Ballet at its finest!

First Home Sponge Bath

You can see how much she LOVES Bath time.  Sheer happiness!

All done with that business.

ET phone home

Typical 6 day old babies closet, from what Kristen tells me...

Cute tiny feet

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