Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nesting in Full Effect!

So we are about 35 weeks now and will be 36 weeks come this Thursday the May 3rd.  Kristen is feeling surprisingly well!  She is moving around wonderfully, and looking wonderfully might I add as well!!  We have a busy week this week.  She has an appt this week on Wednesday and after that she starts her weekly visits from here on out!  We have also started working on a project...  I will only post the start pics now and will update the rest later this week!!  All in all this project took less than a week to finish.

So we are turning that closet into a mudroom, or something similar to a mudroom.  Lets just say we are redoing our closet.  As you can see it's a mess inside, so we are changing that!!  

Stay tuned later this week!

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