Friday, July 15, 2016

Beating the Heat and exploring

The Summer Dog Days are here.  While the heat has been kicking we've been trying to stay cool in a house with no central air.  Just window units in 2 rooms.  So weve been trying to beat the heat. Meanwhile we've been exploring what's around us.  We realized that we have Black Blue Berries.  Her are some pictures of what we found and the fun we had picking them.  So i'm not going to mention any names... but someone could not wait to have a "little" berries while we were picking them.  OK, 2 of people...

Yeah, that's the flag!

 Wrong time wrong place for somebody... Nora didn't traumatize him too much though!

 Look at these 2 beauties!  Only thing they need is to have their beautiful Mama in the picture as well.  

Thanks again for visiting and More posting to come.

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