Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Months Old!!

Yes we are talking about Nora Jane!!  She is already 5 months old and she is 5 months cuter as well!!  Here you will see some pics of Nora and Soph as they are both getting older and we are enjoying them so much.  Nora Jane is sleeping through the night great!  She is going to sleep at 6:30ish and getting up around 6:30 or 7ish.   Sophia as I have mentioned is in school 4 half days a week, she is also continuing her gymnastics once a week as well.  I think i have also mentioned that she is doing about 100 round off's or cartwheels a day.... Now we can add in there Hand stands!  She is constantly moving and loving on here sister!! It's sooo sweet! Please enjoy the pics and thanks again for stopping by!!
Stay tuned, our next post will be pics and info about Soph's first ever concert... We even bought a CD from the concert!!  Give me a little over a week to get all the pics together!

This is our next door neighbor, and one of Soph's good friends.  She is 7 years old, they hang out a lot. 

Yes, that is Sophia's Baby Carriage

Oh Yea, we are painting our Bedroom... 

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  1. GREAT pics guys. Very blessed with such a beautiful family!!!