Monday, July 16, 2012

Hanging out at home and, Fun on the 4th.

Well if your just about anywhere in America, you have probably been effected by the insane heat.  We have been affected as well.  We have been trying to stay inside or at least wait till later in the day before we go outside.  Nora truly enjoys going for long walks when the temps go down.  She prefers a little but of a breeze, but she just loves to be outside in the shade.  Here you will see some very cute pics of Soph and Nora.  As well as you will see some 1 month pics of Nora Jane.  I'll let you know when we get to the 1 month pics.  If you look at Nora Jane's hair she has lost some on the top toward the front of it.  With the help of some propecia, it's finally coming back.  Soph has been so gentle with her.  She loves to help with anything and everything that deals with Nora Jane.  In these pics you will see Soph waking up to her Sis hanging out in bed with her.
Please enjoy some pictures of us having fun around the house.


Take a look at the Bed head... Sophie's has it as well!

What's up with your hair?  Mine doesn't look like that?

These are the 1 month pics... 

Is this a good enough smile?

So clearly Sophia has gotten dressed but her hair is still at sleeping...

4th of July fun!!

Look at these eyes!

This is what you call a milk coma...

So Cute...

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