Monday, March 19, 2012

Gotta Love this weather!!

So we are obviously in Northern Indiana, and we came up here expecting to get hit with all kinds of snow.  This year we have been especially blessed!!  The area has had 13 inches of snow all year!!!  Get this... Last year we had 124 inches, and they said that was a tad high... 70-90 is about average per year.  13 is excellent though!!  Al Gore may have had it right with the whole ozone and global warming thing... NAH!!
Anyway, we have had a wonderful time playing in the beautiful weather!  The past 2 weeks has been in the Mid 70's or in the 80's!!  Yes Mid 70's or 80's!!  Amazing but true!  So you can see how much fun we have had playing outside!!  I hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed being out there!

By the way, Kristen is 29 weeks along!  She starts her appts every 2 weeks now,  so we are officially on the clock!!  We are very excited!!

Oh, what fun we've had!

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