Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great News!!!

Well if you didn't know, Kristen is 12 weeks pregnant. She is due on the 31st of May. We are very excited, as this has been an answer to prayers!! So what going on at 12 weeks, you ask? Great question... Here are some details below about the little soon to be crumb snatcher.

Baby Size
2.1 in

Baby Weight
.49 oz

The features on the baby's face is becoming more defined. The eyes have moved towards the front of the face and the chin and nose have taken more shape. The baby's tiny fingernails are now well formed on fingers that will soon be able to open and close. In our baby's brain, synapses are rapidly growing.
S/He is already thinking about either Law or Medical school. 2ndly, s/he is already trying to figure out if Albert Pujols will stay with the Cardinals or go somewhere else to play and make a terrible career decision. Just food for thought as the Baby continues to develop.

Mom is starting to feel better now. She has been suffering from morning sickness that has affected her all day. Her energy level is still low but starting to increase! Smells aren't as much of a big deal anymore as they have been this past 3 months. She is moving along perfectly while maintaning her great looks of course!

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