Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun with the Stewarts

Hello All!  I am just putting some pics of some random pictures that we have taken.  Soph is growing up right in front of us.  She is now 4 years old, and playing Soccer, as well as taking Gymnastics.  She is also in Preschool for 2 half days as well.  We just recently had a parent teacher conference and the teacher had nothing but GREAT things to say about Soph.  We are so PROUD!!  Please enjoy the pics!

My 2 dates for Movie Night!!

Soph doing her stretching before Soccer

Now Balance...

Everybody loves stickers!!

This is her "Surprised Look"

The rest of these are Pictures of Sophia's Birthday Party.  She has started a new love with the bowling alley... She is actually quite good!! Here are some pics of the party!  They had a blast!

The Birthday Party!! Soph had so much fun for her Big 4 year old Birthday Party!!  She would have bowled a 275, essentially... if it was not for all the crazy noise going on around us... but a 75 wasn't bad either!! She got together with some of her friends and kicked back and had fun!!

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